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Shanghai SINGUTEC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, Lane 3-3 Fengpu # 1515 Far North. It is the nation's leading professional production band sawing production-oriented company, providing consumers worldwide semi gantry, gantry CNC automatic, vertical band sawing and circular saws and other products. Parent Hin Comedy Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Taiwan, Taichung County. Shanghai SINGUTEC  Machinery Manufacturing Co., superb technology, systematic process management are introduced to the parent company Taiwan welcomed Comedy.
 SINGUTEC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to major cities in China, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia. The company "quality first, continuous improvement, research and innovation, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, so that products to larger, stronger, richer, longer, achievement of a global Chinese brands.
Facing the future, Shanghai
 SINGUTEC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new image, innovation-driven, market-oriented, dedicated, professional and specialization approach to operating band sawing equipment products, and continuing commitment to product excellence, in order to achieve the development of the brand's eternal inheritance.