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Central bank announced that "RRR" construction machinery industry usher good

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People's Bank of China on the 12th news release, from the 18th, the lower deposit-taking financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points, which will bring good construction machinery sales side.
This is the second time this year the central bank cut the deposit reserve ratio is the third time since 2011, cut the deposit reserve ratio. The cut, large financial institutions deposit reserve ratio to 20%, small and medium sized financial institutions deposit reserve ratio fell to 16.5%. 86.84 trillion yuan by the end of March to the total balance of deposits, the central bank overwhelmed "RRR" expects the market will provide about 430 billion yuan of funds. To alleviate the current weak market demand will play a positive role in boosting investment and construction projects will be warmer, a large number of construction projects will subsequently be launched for the construction machinery industry development opportunities.

April a series of macroeconomic data show that the current domestic demand and external demand than weak. Lu political commissar, chief economist at Industrial Bank, said in April the new credit less than 7,000 yuan, significantly lower than market expectations, which the market players' confidence cause significant impact. Earlier in market liquidity, the central bank is not tense circumstances, has begun actively injecting liquidity and reverse repo rates boot down, trying to relax monetary policy signals to pass. To further reflect the policy initiative, relevance and timeliness, the central bank cut the deposit reserve ratio again, in order to stabilize the economy healthy and stable growth.