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50 enterprises in the global construction machinery industry enterprises issued a strong rise of China

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Reporters on the 3rd from the international authority of the media International Construction ("International Construction" magazine) released 2012 annual Yellow Table Top see the new year the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer 50 seating "released." List shows, China's construction machinery manufacturers continue to maintain an upward trend, the world's top 50 manufacturers in China with sales of $ 30.6 billion, the proportion reached 16.9%.
Yellow Table is the industry's year one of a long list of international authority, the first time since 2003 that since the release of much industry attention. In the year 2012 Yellow Table ranking, leading construction machinery from China Sany, to $ 7.861 billion on a scale led Chinese Army, ranked sixth in the global construction machinery industry, Zoomlion and XCMG were ranked seventh bit and the tenth one. List also shows that Sany reelected Chinese companies made ​​the list first.
Comparison of the list can be seen for many years, Caterpillar, Komatsu top two stable industry for many years, others such as Volvo, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Terex, etc., will have ups and downs.
Data show that China's construction machinery manufacturers in the global share of 50 proportion of sales for six consecutive years on an upward trend. Ranking first released in 2003, the world's top 50 manufacturers in China sales accounted for only 1.6%, amounting to $ 841 million. Now they share reached 16.9%, the total amounted to $ 30.6 billion. Over the past 10 years, Chinese enterprises accounted sales ratio increased by at least 10 times.
The industry believes that the rapid rise of China's construction machinery not only to benefit from China's vast market, also benefited from China business development strategy and product line expansion.
Reporters from the headquarters is located in Changsha Sany learned that 2003 years ago, concrete machinery market in China to obtain the absolute superiority of Sany Heavy Industry, has entered excavators, truck cranes, crawler cranes and other fields, and frequently gains.