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Ben 500 billion estimated annual output value of environmental protection equipment increased 20%

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"Twelve Five" period, environmental protection equipment industry, an annual growth of 20 % in 2015 reached 500 billion yuan , exports more than 30% annual growth , the formation of more than 10 environmental protection equipment industry base , 10 to 20 large enterprise groups , foster a number of well-known brands have the advantage of environmental protection equipment business.
Recently released " environmental protection equipment " second five "development plan" for China's environmental protection equipment industry development objectives presented above . The "plan " is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Twelfth Five Year Plan" part of the system is the " high-end equipment manufacturing industry " second five "development plan" sub- plans. Around the " planning" the background and focus on the preparation of the content , the Ministry of Energy , Deputy Director Gao Dongsheng an interview done authoritative interpretation .
Reporter : Environmental equipment development "planning" and the recently released " National Environmental Protection " second five "plan" have some relevance ? Environmental protection equipment is a strategic emerging industry an important part , but the " plan " is not as "high-end equipment manufacturing industry, " second five "development plan" attachment release , what special considerations it ?
Gao Dongsheng : "planning" based on " the" second five " industrial restructuring and upgrading plan", "National Environmental Protection " Twelfth Five-Year " plan," preparation , and with the emerging industries of strategic planning , environmental protection and heavy industry planning integrated pollution prevention plan , the nation's major industries persistent organic pollutants and other environmental pollution prevention planning special programs for the convergence.
Environmental protection equipment different from the general equipment manufacturing industry with outstanding features . Environmental protection equipment to provide the material basis for the environmental protection and technical support , and its social responsibility, economic efficiency is not significant ; and the extent and scale of industrial development and national environmental policy requirements highly relevant .
Taking into account environmental protection equipment with its own characteristics , combined with the "planning" positioning, objectives and tasks , "plan " not as "high-end equipment manufacturing Reporter : China's environmental protection equipment, how the current development status ? "Twelve Five" period which is facing new situations and challenges ? Can you explain the "Plan" prepared in the background ?
Gao Dongsheng : environmental protection equipment industry status quo, to grasp the situation and the characteristics of a " plan" prepared foundation.
After a preliminary investigation and careful analysis , we believe that: At present, the industry basically meet the domestic market demand for conventional environmental protection equipment . As of the end of 2010 , environmental protection equipment, industrial output value of nearly 200 billion yuan , 3.5 times that of 2005 ; formed a relatively complete system of products category , product category reaches ten thousand kinds or more.
However, the industry overall technological level problems remain prominent. Mainly manifested in two aspects: First, industrial technology innovation ability , some of the key core technology and equipment to rely on imports ; Second, high-tech equipment is small and inadequate promotion and application of existing environmental protection equipment to be improved overall quality and performance . Early on the national "five" environmental technology and equipment needs during the survey results indicate that more than 60% of the technical equipment is needed to research and development , industrial supply capacity and level of overall national environmental protection objectives of the mission are still a wide gap between demand .
"Twelve Five " period, the industry is facing new challenges. In China, the state of the " Twelfth Five-Year " period proposed new environmental protection requirements will not only ammonia and nitrogen oxides emissions added as new binding targets , also proposed to increase the heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants , hazardous waste, hazardous chemical pollution prevention and control efforts requirements, environmental protection more difficult task of environmental protection equipment industry formed Forced mechanism ; international aspects , the financial crisis, the world's major countries have to develop a green economy as economic restructuring , stimulate economic growth strategic choice and use its technological advantage to seize the international market , the development of environmental technology and equipment, master the core technology developed technology trade monopoly was broken in the international competition to occupy a favorable position , and enhance industrial competitiveness of the inevitable choice.
Reporter : You also mentioned that "Twelve Five" period, China's environmental situation is more severe , more difficult task of environmental protection equipment industry formed a Forced mechanism , whether this is the development of environmental protection equipment of a higher the objectives and requirements ? Whether the combination of the "Plan" prepared by the general idea about the specific objectives of the development of environmental protection equipment ?
Gao Dongsheng : "planning" based on environmental protection equipment industry is facing a new situation , combined with the industry's own characteristics, for the industrial development of the outstanding problems existing in the process to determine a goal , namely to meet the national environmental pollution control work of the key tasks for technical equipment the need for the target ; a main line, that is, the technological progress to promote industrial development as the main line and the core task ; two docking, ie demand and strengthening environmental protection technology and equipment supplied docking, strengthen science and technology R & D and industrialization of the general idea of ​​docking .
In general, based on the objectives , "planning" also made : The basic key areas to meet the environmental protection technology and equipment needs, enhance the level of industrial technology , and expand the industrial scale, optimize the industrial structure three specific objectives .
From other equipment for environmental protection equipment manufacturing its own characteristics , combined with the industry development status and demand situation facing , "planning" emphasizes environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry as an integral part of strategic emerging industries , is an important part of the environmental protection industry , environmental protection equipment industry development positioned to meet the "Twelve Five" period, the state environmental protection objectives and key tasks . And to focus on the national environmental protection requirements for technical equipment , while highlighting the "second five " national total emissions of four major pollutants, binding targets and heavy metals , persistent organic pollutants and other hazards affecting public health and sustainable development prominent environmental issues and other key needs, determine the " planning" the guiding ideology and main objectives .
Reporter : "Twelve Five-Year" period, China's environmental protection equipment industry focus areas delineated what ? In order to ensure the successful completion of key tasks , which will be developed targeted policy measures , how effective implementation ?
Gao Dongsheng : "planning" to environmental protection equipment is defined as " used in the field of environmental pollution control in order to achieve environmental pollution as the main function of the device ." In determining development priorities when choosing environmentally friendly equipment development has a certain base areas and the traditional end of treatment based on a limited range of extension .
In addition to air pollution , water pollution , solid waste , noise and vibration control, resource utilization , environmental monitoring, special instrumentation , environmental pollution and other supporting materials and pharmaceutical fields , will also focus on the development of environmental emergency response equipment included .
Main reasons are: environmental emergencies in recent years, showed a high trend has seriously endanger people's health and environmental safety , and the country has been strengthening environmental emergency response capacity building as a "second five" environmental protection work during a key tasks , therefore , an urgent need to strengthen environmental emergency technical equipment support ability and level.
" Plan" to determine and promote technological innovation and industrial development , optimizing industrial organization and layout , improve environmental protection equipment standards , improve and optimize the development environment , the establishment of multi-channel support mechanisms put in five key tasks . Mainly on the existing industry , taxation, finance, policy, combing , focusing implement them.
For example , in the " promote technological innovation and industrial development ", the focusing on key pollutants, including four pollutant emissions of heavy metals binding targets and priorities proposed relying on the national implementation of major environmental projects , to carry out environmental protection equipment industry demonstration through the implementation of the project to encourage technological innovation , stimulating major environmental protection technology and equipment for industrial applications , to break through the bottleneck of the development of key technologies ; in the " establishment of a multi -channel input support mechanism" , taking into account environmental protection equipment industry is composed of strategic emerging industries part of the national emission reduction targets to achieve an important means of the integration of existing funding sources , the use of the central government special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries , industrial research and development funds , special funds for energy conservation and other environmental protection equipment to increase research and development , application and marketing support to guide and promote industrial technology . \ "